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    Grin Traction Lawnmower Hm53A

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    Grin Hm53A IS Instart model equipped with electric starting: a small battery applied to the engine allows for comfortable starting without the slightest effort! It is a battery similar to that of power tools which allows for over 50 starts with one charge. Then it is normally and quickly recharged with its supplied charger. It's an absolute and fantastic novelty. We tried it in preview and were very impressed. The Grin Hm53A IS Instart lawnmower is even more comfortable, powerful and faster. Fantastic car! Even under pressure from an excellent result. We really recommend it wholeheartedly, it is a great machine, powerful and reliable. And above all it allows you to save 70% of time when cutting the lawn! Grin lawnmowers have the only patented cutting system that allows you to cut without leaving residues and without having to collect and dispose of the clippings. Unlike mulching, it allows cuts as frequently as a harvesting machine and does not damage the turf. Possible to mount MOTOR SAFETY CONE: additional protection for the blade holder hub.


    Details :

    Material: Steel

    Brand: Grin

    Type of propulsion: Self-propelled

    Power source: Gas

    Features: Adjustable height, Electric start, Cutting height settings, Cordless

    Engine type: 4 strokes

    Traction type: RWD

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