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    Husqvarna Automower 450x Robotic Mower 5000m2 Lawns

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    Husqvarna Automower 450x Robotic Mower 5000m2 Lawns.

    The Husqvarna 450X Automower® is an advanced high specification, ultra-quiet X-line robotic mower designed to handle very complex, sloped or multiple lawns, as well as lawn areas up to 5000m², making it a viable alternative to a medium or large ride-on machine.

    Automower® 450X - 5000m² working area. 210m² per hour. Max incline 45%/24.5°. Cutting height 20-60mm.

    This highly advanced Automower® is packed with technological, performance features and is smart enough to negotiate the challenges of large and complex lawns alike, together with multiple narrow passages, obstacles, tough terrains and slopes up to 45%.

    Max working area 5000m² | 45%/24.5° slope capability | 20-60mm cutting height | Weatherproof | Area per hour 135m² | Automower® Connect | Weather timer | Systematic passage mowing | Frost guard | Electric height adjustment | Ultrasonic sensor | Anti-theft alarm and GPS tracking | GPS assisted navigation | LED Headlights | PIN code lock | Lift & tilt sensors | Automower® Zone Control | Front sensor | Spot cutting | Spiral cutting | Balance and slope control | Smart Home Integration | Geofence | Remote start points x 3 |

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