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    Mammotion LUBA 3000 Robot Lawn Mower - No Perimeter Wire

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    What's Included In The Box:

    • Charging Station
    • LUBA AWD 3000
    • Power Supply
    • RTK Reference Station
    • RTK Reference Station Extension Cable(10m)
    • RTK Reference Station Power Supply
    • Extra One Set Of Blade
    • Key
    • Installation Kits
    • Mounting Pole
    • Quick Start Guide


    RTK-GNSS and Multi-Sensor Navigation System:

    Experience unparalleled precision with LUBA's state-of-the-art RTK-GNSS and Multi-Sensor Navigation System. LUBA achieves extraordinary mapping and navigation accuracy at the cm level by harnessing the power of four advanced Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) and cutting-edge RTK Technology and IMU detectors.

    Powerful RTK Signal Coverage:

    With an impressive RTK signal range covering a radius of 120m, LUBA is ready to conquer large and challenging lawns effortlessly. No matter the size or complexity, LUBA has you covered. Moreover, the LUBA AWD series ensures impeccable route stability, even when satellite signals are poor. Thanks to the integration of inertial navigation, odometry, and patented algorithms, LUBA maintains its course with precision and reliability, guaranteeing a flawless mowing experience every time.

    Powerful All-wheel Drive System:

    The LUBA AWD Series has four robust in-hub motors and exclusive off-road tires and suspensions, offering exceptional traction and zero-turning agility that outperforms competitors. Unlike mowers with small-diameter wheels, the LUBA effortlessly tackles slopes of up to 65% and navigates even the most challenging terrains without the risk of getting stuck.

    Lawn Size:

    The LUBA AWD 3000 is the perfect solution for any lawn spanning up to 3000㎡(0.75acre).. With its remarkable efficiency, this mower can cover an impressive 350㎡ (0.09 acre) per hour, giving your family ample opportunity to relish the impeccable beauty of your grassy paradise.

    Smart App:

    Experience unparalleled convenience with the Mammotion App, revolutionizing how you approach lawn care. This intuitive application simplifies the process, allowing you to effortlessly customize mowing tasks and monitor real-time mowing progress from anywhere, at any time. Whether you're basking in the bliss of a vacation or simply occupied with other activities, rest assured that Luba, your trusted lawn companion, will diligently tend to your turf. With the app, you can easily set or adjust schedules, stay updated on the mower's status, and even personalize cutting height and mowing modes to suit your specific preferences.

    Zone Management:

    The Mammotion App, included with your purchase, provides a comprehensive solution for efficiently managing your lawn care tasks. With this user-friendly application, you can effortlessly set up mowing tasks for multiple working areas and establish channels between them. This allows for efficient mowing across different sections of your lawn.

    The app offers the flexibility to customize schedules, cutting modes, and cutting heights for each individual mowing zone. This means you can adapt the mowing parameters to the specific needs of each area within your yard. Adjust the mowing frequency, select from various cutting patterns, and fine-tune the height of the blades to achieve optimal results.

    For detailed instructions on how to set up mowing tasks, manage working areas, and personalize schedules, cutting modes, and cutting heights, please refer to the user guide provided with the app. With the Mammotion App, lawn care has never been more straightforward or tailored to your lawn's unique requirements.

    Smart Obstacle Avoidance:

    Equipped with an advanced system, the LUBA features four ultrasonic radar sensors that enable seamless obstacle detection and avoidance. With a remarkable field of view (FOV) spanning 220 degrees, these sensors ensure accurate detection of obstacles as small as 5cm (2 inches). Experience enhanced safety and maneuverability as the LUBA effortlessly navigates its surroundings, effortlessly sidestepping any potential obstructions in its path.

    Battery and Charging:

    The Luba is powered by a high-capacity lithium-ion battery that ensures extended operation for up to 120 minutes on a single charge. With this impressive battery capacity, the Luba can efficiently mow an area of up to 350㎡ (0.09 acre) per hour in a single mowing session.

    To ensure uninterrupted performance, the Luba has an intelligent feature that automatically detects when the battery is running low. When this occurs, the mower will autonomously navigate back to the charging dock to recharge itself. Once the battery is sufficiently replenished, the Luba seamlessly resumes the interrupted mowing session, ensuring that your lawn maintenance remains consistent and efficient. With the Luba, you can have peace of mind knowing that it will autonomously manage its power supply to complete the job effectively.

    No-Go Zones:

    With the Mammotion App, you have the ability to define specific no-go zones within your lawn. These zones can be designated for areas such as plant beds, children's playgrounds, or pools. The Luba AWD mower will automatically detect and avoid these no-go zones in the app during its mowing operations. This ensures that delicate or restricted areas are respected, providing a worry-free solution for maintaining the desired boundaries within your outdoor space. Enjoy the convenience of customization and the peace of mind that the Luba AWD will navigate around designated zones with precision and care.


    The Luba robot is equipped with sophisticated sensors located on top of its structure. These sensors possess the remarkable ability to detect the onset of rain. Once the rain is detected, the Luba robot will automatically respond, promptly directing itself back to the charging station. This intelligent feature ensures that the mower is protected from adverse weather conditions, maintaining its longevity and preserving its performance. With the Luba robot, you can trust that it will autonomously respond to changing weather conditions, providing a reliable and efficient solution for maintaining your lawn.

    Anti Theft Systems:

    Through the app, users will receive an audible alarm notification in the event of any unusual movement detected. In addition, the Luba mower offers support for the "lost" feature, which proves highly beneficial in such circumstances. When the lost LUBA reconnects to the network, the app will provide the original user with vital information regarding its current position. It's important to note that LUBA cannot be accessed or utilized by unauthorized individuals without explicit permission from the original user. This ensures the security and exclusive ownership of the LUBA mower, granting peace of mind to its rightful owner.

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